Round Hill, VA

    Round Hill in Leesburg, Virginia

    Round Hill in Leesburg, Virginia

    Round Hill, Virginia is located in Loudoun County and has a population of less than 1000. Round Hill is located about seven miles west of Winchester, VA. This small community can provide a safe and quiet backdrop for raising a family but is only an hour drive to Washington, DC and fifteen miles from Leesburg, VA.

    Round Hill has been an ever-growing community because it is so close to so many different cities. Round Hill is only four miles from the Appalachian trail, which runs from Maine to Georgia. Round Hill will provide you with an excellent view of the fall foliage.

    Name Origin

    The name was chosen as Round Hill because it is two miles from the 910-foot hill used during the civil war. The union and confederate armies used the hill for signaling other troops. The 910-foot hill is also located along the Washington and Ohio rail lines that provided crucial supplies during the civil war.

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    Education in Round Hill, VA

    The public education system for Round Hill is provided by Loudoun County public schools. The elementary school in located right outside of Round Hill. The elementary school handles kindergarten through fifth grade. The high school students of Round Hill attend Woodgrove High School in Purcellville, VA.


    Town Government

    Round Hill has an elected mayor that serves the town. There is a sheriff’s department that will maintain the town’s safety and a volunteer fire and rescue department. Round Hill maintains its own water and sewer system.

    Trash services are provided for the town every Wednesday. Residents of Round Hill, VA are encouraged to attend town meetings each month. The town government also consists of a town council, planning commission, and a Board of Zoning appeals.

    Cost of Living and Median Income

    The cost of living is higher than the United States average. The US average is 100 and Round Hill, VA is 146, according to Great Schools. The average real estate tax for homeowners is between $3500 and $4100.

    As of 2011, the median house price was over $320,000. The median income for Round Hill is $94,000 per household as of 2011. This is about 30 percent higher than the median for the state of Virginia.

    Shopping opportunities

    Round Hill is close to several large grocery stores including Food Lion, and WalMart. Apple Blossom Mall is located within easy access on Route 50. The mall provides all the shopping needs in one location with big box stores like J.C. Pennys, Sears, and Belk. The mall has a movie theater and multiple small retail stores.

    Entertainment and Culture

    Round Hill is located so closely to major cities and that provides you with the best options for entertainment and culture. Whether a museum visit, a theater play, live music, ballet, or symphony is what you like, all is available within a short drive.

    The National Zoo in Washington, DC and all the museums offer free admission for your pleasure. Round Hill can provide the small town atmosphere with the events of a big city in such close proximity.

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