Relocating to Loundon County, VA

    Loudon County is located in northern Virginia and has the highest median income of the entire nation. Within the county are twenty cities and towns; Ashburn, Belmont Hamilton, Hillsboro, Leesburg, Lovettsville, Middleburg, Purcellville and Round Hill are just a few. The towns are divided into numerous different communities.

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    Founded in 1757, Loudon County covers over 521 miles. Originally started as a dairy and agriculture area, Loudon County grew as Washington D.C. and the Dulles Airport expanded. Today, Loudon County maintains its beautiful scenery and historical buildings next to modern businesses.


    Due to the recent population growth, Loudon County has the nation’s fastest growing school district. The district has been able to keep up with the growing demands by continually building new schools. All schools reflect the same historical architecture to blend into the community.

    Even though students may shuffle to new schools as they are being built, Loudon County boasts some of the best public schools in the nation. Schools within this county have continually been named on numerous top lists. Students achieve some of the highest SATs scores and continue onto well-known universities.


    Loudon County strives to help each child succeed academically and socially. All schools offer special needs services, ESL, gifted programs and foreign languages. They also offer a great variety of sports and clubs. High Schools offer Advanced Placement courses and Honor classes. There is also a High School dedicated to Science and Mathematics.

    Currently there are thirteen high schools, fourteen middle schools and fifty-one elementary schools in the public school system. There are many private schools to choose from as well.


    There are many commuter options available as many residents work in Washington D.C., the local military installations and Dulles Airport. For those who like to bicycle, the county offers bicycle-commuting programs. Residents can use many of the bicycle and pedestrian trails to cycle to a transit center.

    There they can use a bicycle locker for temporary storage as they ride the train or bus. Loudon county offers a carpool program in which they can match carpoolers together. Most of the major highways have an HOV lane, only those who carpool can use these lanes. For those who work for the local military installations, the DOD offers their own carpool system for DOD employees.

    This can help avoid long traffic jams. The county has a public bus transport system that services the Loudon County and surrounding areas. Riders can bring their bicycle on board if needed.


    Loudon County is well known for its wine county. There are currently over thirty different wineries for visitors to choose. All offer tours and some offer overnight lodging. Virginia has more horses than any other state. Many who are training for the Olympics or the Derby come here to train.

    Visitors can take scenic horse rides, tour award winning horse farms or experience a thrilling horse race. Loudon County was founded as an agriculture area and remains true to its history today. On weekends, residents can browse local farmers’ markets to find fresh produce.

    Many local farms allow visitors to harvest their own seasonal produce. Loudon County offers year round outdoor activities. Camping, hiking, golfing, swimming, fishing, rock climbing and ice skating are just a few activities offered. For those who like to shop until they drop, Loudon County has everything they need. From historical boutiques to upscale shopping malls, there is something for everyone.


    Moving to Loudon County can be a stress-free experience. There are many real estate agents and companies to choose. They can help you locate the house you desire and give you information about local schools and businesses. Moving companies can help set up your entire new home. There are a variety of internet and cable companies to choose from, you can find one that fits your needs.

    Most can set up service the day you move in.
    The government of Loudon County offers a free relocation guidebook. In it are useful local phone numbers, weather information and emergency services. The guidebook also gives you information about how to register your vehicles, apply for a driver’s license, registration for schools and insurance requirements.

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