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    Located halfway between Alexandria and Winchester Virginia, Middleburg is a small town with big ideas. Founded in 1787 during the Revolutionary War, the town currently has a population of around 600 people. Stretching half a mile across, this town has been a resting place for weary travelers as well as interested visitors since 1730.


    The historic Red Fox Tavern, labeled the oldest inn in America, has been a lodging to the Confederate Colonel John Mosby and meeting place for President Kennedy’s press secretary. A true supporter, just across the street from the Red Fox Tavern, Catherine Broun served Union troops while they occupied the area during the Civil War.

    Shortly after the new century began, the people of this town played host again. Now known as the Nation’s Horse and Hunt Capital, prominent people from across the nation travel here for fox hunting and steeple chasing.

    Things to Do

    Despite the reason for coming to Middleburg, there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and places to stay. For a small fee, adventurists will enjoy hot air ballooning in the Shenandoah valley or golfing at any one of the local golf clubs.

    Centered around the town’s love for equestrian sports, the National Sporting Library & Museum is designed to preserve, promote all things related to angling, field sports and equestrian.

    Dating back as far as the 16th century, the library has over 24,000 books in the collection. Visiting scholars who have an interest in learning may apply to the John H. Daniels Fellowship program for financial support during their stay.

    Art lovers have the option of visiting any of the galleries like the Trowbridge-Lewis gallery or the Round Hill Center Art gallery in the neighboring town. Home to international, local and nation wide artists, the entire collection features original works. A friendly atmosphere, the gallery welcomes visitors to hold lectures, present individual collections or host a special event.

    Seeking to preserve history, while traveling along the East John Mosby Hwy, travelers will drive along side the site where the Battle of Middleburg had taken place. Marked by a sign, this is the area where Major General J.E.B. Stuart and cavalry fought against union soldiers on their way to invade Pennsylvania.

    Outlined in beautiful scenery, Middleburg is home to several fine wineries such as the Barrel Oak Winery. Open to the entire family including the family pet, this winery has opened its first Fine Art Gallery & Tasting Room.

    Providing excellent customer service, along Washington St, travelers will find a vast select of boutiques, pharmacies, antique shops, import stores, florist, hair salons and spas.

    Because nothing is better than a good meal, the streets are decorated in fine restaurants and eateries.

    Offering local and international dishes, places such as the French Hound, operated by a local who learned European techniques by studying abroad, serves authentic French cuisines and wines on a daily basis. After a long day, tourist are invited to stay in one of the many resorts, bed and breakfasts or quaint inns.

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