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    Hamilton Real Estate

    Boasting an approximate population of 500 residents, Hamilton, Virginia is located on the northern tip of Loudoun County, the most affluent county in the USA. Occupying 0.2 square miles of land, Hamilton functions as a sleeper-community for Washington, D.C.

    Some Interesting Hamilton History Tidbits

    Hamilton was originally inhabited by Native Americans, prior to being inundated with European transplants in the 1730s.

    The town’s first residence was erected by George Treverner whose son, Richard, later established an estate known as Harmony. The town’s earliest church, Harmony Methodist Church was built in 1833 on land given by Treverner.

    The church is still standing and active today both as a house of worship and the location of Harmony Pre-School.

    The name of the town vacillated until 1835 when John Quincy Adams established a post office to be housed at a local business establishment. From this point forward, the town was officially known as Hamilton, Virginia.

    Neighborhoods In Hamilton

    While most of Hamilton’s citizens reside in houses situated on streets around the community, the most affluent reside in Waterford Creek, an area boasting Cari custom built homes each situated on a 3-acre lot.

    With spacious rooms boasting 10 foot ceilings and a library on the main level, the home prices range from $774,000 to $839,000 with the latter home featuring a private first-floor suite with spa. Some citizens call King Street’s Hamilton Mobile Home Park home.

    Approximately 216 homes are populated by 157 family units with a population density of 2,218,52 people per square mile. With a median age of 37, 98 percent of Hamilton’s residents are Caucasian, 1.4 percent African American, 0.53 percent of Asian and Oriental abstraction and 1.07 percent Latino or Hispanic.

    In the above-18 age group, the population ratio is 100 women to 79.9 men. The average $64,000 per capita income allows for only 2.4 percent of families, 6.1 percent of senior citizens and 3.6 percent of residents under 18 to be forced to exist beneath the poverty line.

    Hamilton Schools

    Hamilton families are serviced by a private pre-school, Harmony Pre-School to which parents pay $395 per month for Kindergarten. Hamilton Elementary School serves a 157 student body in grades Kindergarten thru 5. With a teacher-pupil ratio of 1 to 18.9, Hamilton Middle School serves students from grades 6 through 8.

    Beginning in grade nine, secondary students have the option of enrolling in one of several Loudoun County high schools, depending on their academic abilities, talents and interests.

    Things To Do In Hamilton

    When spring comes in Hamilton, the town turns out for Hamilton’s Celebrate Our Town Day that begins with a parade meandering its way from the firehouse to the Lowery’s Crab Shack and the LDS church yard where vendors tempt guests with food, and bake-sale items.

    Sales proceeds benefit local community service organizations. In addition to the parade, this annual event features 4-H Club displays, a pie eating competition and three local-team games of soccer, baseball and girls’ softball.

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