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    Great Falls Real Estate

    Great Falls, Virginia is located in Fairfax County Virginia and relatively a very close suburb of Washington, D.C. This area provides a small town feel since its population is only around 15,000 people.

    Its location in Fairfax County affords it to have the reputation of being a location of high household income, and economy that is based on high tech jobs and businesses, and a population that is known for is sophistication and class.


    With a population of around 15,000 and one that is made up of many kinds of family units, there are many different neighborhoods in Great Falls to explore if you are in the market for a new home.

    No matter what kind neighborhood you are looking form you are sure to find it in the Great Falls community. Ranging from names such as Beau Ridge and Devonshire to Riverside Meadows, you are sure to find the name of the neighborhood that can become your new home.


    The school system of Great Falls, Virginia is operated by Fairfax County. There are two elementary schools that students that live in the community may attend and they are Forestville Elementary and Great Falls Elementary. Older students go to larger more central middle and high schools operated by the county.

    If you are in the search for higher education, then look no further then George Mason University which is located centrally in Fairfax County and thus an easy commute from Great Falls.

    Things to Do

    Living in the county of Fairfax itself, you will find numerous activities and places to visit to keep yourself and your family busy. Are you a sports and recreation enthusiasts?

    If so, then check out places such as some of the Fairfax County sport facilities that are closely located to Great Falls, such as the Hoop Magic Sports Academy, Reston SkateQuest, or Dulles Exposition hall. Looking for a smaller park, to just toss the ball around with your kids? Then check out smaller parks such as Nottoway Park or Roundtree Park.

    Are you a history buff? Then look no further. Great Falls and the county that it is centered in ,boasts an impressive number of homes registered on the National Historical registrar and has a huge array of sites for history enthusiasts to go explore for the history of wars that were fought in the area including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War.

    If you are a nature person, then look no farther because you are in luck. Great Falls, VA gets its name from a small section of beautiful waterfalls found on the Potomac River. Because of these falls locations, the town of Great Falls is lucky enough to be the home of a Virginia State Park that allows you to enjoy and explore the beauty of the falls.

    If you are looking for a place that is close to the action of Washington, D.C., but gives you a chance to love in a home with a small town feel, then explore the options that are afforded to you by checking out Great Falls, Virginia. The possibilities are numerous and you may find that it offers you everything that you need to make it your home.

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