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    Fairfax Real Estate

    Fairfax, Va., about 20 miles from the nation’s capital, is far from simply a bedroom community. It is an independent city, and not part of Fairfax County, which surrounds the city.

    The city itself is relatively small, with around 25,000 residents, but it has a flavor all its own as well as a spirit of independence.

    Quality of Life

    Fairfax was ranked No. 3 in the top places in America to live well, by Forbes Magazine in 2009. The city has a lot of small businesses, and ranks in the top one percent nationwide in sole proprietorship.  The schools are ranked high above national averages.

    Median salaries are also high, with a lot of high-tech type businesses in the area. The median household income was $95,000 in 2010. Housing is expensive, with the median price for a home at about $500,000 in 2010.


    Fairfax has eight buildings on the National Register of Historic Places. The oldest one is the Old County Courthouse, built in 1800. There are houses from the early 1800s, a school built in 1873.

    Blenheim is another historic house built in the early 1800s that was used as a hospital during the Civil War, and their writings on the walls can still be seen. The downtown historic district is also on the national register. The city began a major redevelopment of downtown in 2005 which includes a remodeling of the public library.

    Things to do

    Among the unique qualities of Fairfax are its attractions. Fairfax is home to the National Air and Space Museum. Currently the Enola Gay is on display, which is the bomber that dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. Fairfax is home of the NRA, and has a history of firearms museum.

    Even though it is only minutes from the nation’s capital, there are several parks in Fairfax County, and many trails. The city has a trails festival each year. Great Falls National Park is in nearby McLean, Va., and has 15 miles of nature trails. There are 17 parks in the county.


    Fairfax has a lot of festivals, starting in March with a chocolate festival. A Civil War re-enactment camp is held every two years. The city also works with George Mason University to present an arts festival each year and there is an Irish Festival.

    The July 4 celebration features the largest parade and fireworks display in the Washington D.C. area. There are plenty of book festivals, as well as a fall festival. During the Christmas season there is a holiday craft show, as well as a festival of lights and carols.

    The Area

    The 2015 Police and Fire World games will bring athletes from around the world to compete nearby in the county, with 12,000 athletes expected. There are several Civil War sites to check out, both in Fairfax and in the county. Famous battlefields such as Anteitam, Gettysburg and Manasas are nearby. There are many markers, and re-enactments held throughout the year. Touring the nation’s capital is also very easy from Fairfax.

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