Goose Creek Village, Ashburn, VA

    Goose Creek Village in Ashburn, Virginia

    Goose Creek Village, Ashburn, VA

    The stunning Goose Creek Village is located in the town of Ashburn, VA. Many prospective residents might be interested to find out about some of the fantastic amenities that can be found in this location. There  is an almost endless variety of different shopping opportunities that are available to the residents of this community.

    The local schools are superb, and there are many different nature centers around. This is truly a family first community that will welcome new residents who may be interested in what it has to offer to them. Read through this article to discover everything that may be waiting for you if you choose to live here.

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    Natural Beauty at Goose Creek Village

    One of the first things you may notice about this area is that it has been master planned by some expert community architects. The local greenery has been cultivated to provide a warm and inviting natural scene in and around the homes.

    There are numerous storm drainage systems that will prevent any floods from affect the homes in this neighborhood. The area is also exceptionally green friendly, with numerous energy saving initiatives being implemented here. There are also walking trails that cross through a nearby forested area, which many residents may enjoy using on the weekends.

    Century Corner Commercial District

    Also located nearby is a series of shops provided by the Century Corner Commercial area. Residents can choose to shop here, or they may even want to work at some of the offices there. They will find no shortage of options available in either case.

    They will be pleased by the wide selection of upscale boutiques and designer fashion stores that offer clothing for any age. This can create a welcoming atmosphere for many different kinds of families. Even teenagers and college students will find some shopping nearby that they may enjoy.

    Greater Loudoun County

    The Loudoun county area has seen some rapid growth over the years. It has become one of the premier destinations in Virginia for families looking for job opportunities. Goose Creek Village is located by two main roads that will lead outwards into Loudoun County.

    This will allow residents to gain access to some of the top jobs located nearby. For families concerned by the local traffic, the Goose Creek Village community has addressed this. They urged county officials to install traffic control devices near the local intersection.

    Room for expansion

    Just like most other areas within Loudoun county, the Goose Creek Village community is welcoming new residents all the time.. It even has recently added some condominiums that may interest singles and young adults. No matter what you are looking to find, the Goose Creek Village community can deliver it to you.

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