Village Case, Purcellville, VA

    Village Case in Purcellville, Virginia

    Village Case is nestled in the city of Purcellville, VA it is a quaint little community with homes that have a ‘traditional’ American style. It is a place where people still say hello, and live carefree. Most of the dining rooms have large windows overlooking vast lands, and beautiful trees with leaves that dance in the wind.

    Most of the residents here are about 35 years of age, but you can find people of all ages here. The median household income is about 78,000, while the average listing price for homes is about 490,000.

    This is the kind of community that nurtures the idea of a community, by holding events to meet and greet, as well as showcase the various gardens of the residents. Village Case is also a pretty safe neighborhood, the crime rate here is well below the national average, and the air quality is much higher than the national average too.

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    Before choosing Village Case as the community for your family one must wonder about the schools. “Change is the end result of all true learning,” this was once uttered by Leo Buscaglia, and it is something the schools by Village Case value; because they understand that they are instrumental in your child’s future.

    Village Case - Purcellville, VA Home For Sale

    The Mountain View Elementary School is a school that both students and parents praise, the students love their teachers, and the parents love what is taught. This school was rated highly on the Great Schools Organization scale.

    Blue Ridge Middle School is the next school, it sits near the community, and has top notch educators who are committed to your child’s education. This middle school was also rated highly on the Great Schools Orginazation scale, and it is recognized by the district for its winning academic programs.

    Loudoun Valley High School is another school that may be an option, it is recognized as one of the best schools in the district. The school has an impressive college admission record, and students who are spirited about the school, their teachers and education. This high school is pretty well rounded as well, they offer a wide variety of activities for the students. They have a Forensics Club, Math Club, Naturalist Society, Guitar Club, Orchestra and Philosophy Clubs just to name a few.

    What to Do?

    There are numerous parks and breathtaking vistas, but when all that is exhausted…is there anything else to do? Well, there is the Franklin Park, it offers the opportunity to sled, safely during the winter. There is also the Purcellville Skating Rink, which is a great place to take the whole family.

    For those into sports there is a spectacular baseball field nearby, named Fireman’s Field. The Blue Ridge Center for Environmental Stewardship acts like a zoo/farm, which should prove fun and educational. This community offers benefits to people at any stage of life… So, is Village Case in Purcellville, Virginia right for you? This community is waiting to welcome you.

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