The Preserve At Goose Creek, Ashburn, VA

    The Preserve at Goose Creek

    The Preserve at Goose Creek is a small community consisting mainly of single families households. It is located within the Ashburn, VA area in the state of Virginia. The community is highly close knit and though located in the outskirts of the small town of Ashburn, it is highly interconnected to various locations both within the state and other neighboring states like Washington D.C. Getting round and about The Preserve At Goose Creek community is very easy and one can choose to walk, drive or cycle.

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    Housing and accommodations

    The housing standards within the Preserve at Goose Creek are extremely high. The entire Preserve at Goose Creek and Ashburn, VA community consist of charming family homes designed uniquely to embrace the area’s very natural and beautiful landscape. Examples of homes available in the area include duplexes, townhouses and condominiums.

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    The community mainly targets small families but can as well take in a middle-sized family. Though the cost of housing is a bit expensive, the money spent is very much worth the quality of house and neighborhood they get to live in.


    Preserve at Goose Creek is strategically located to ensure that all kids have an easy way of getting to school. The education system is also highly exceptional.

    Schools located the community include the Creightons Corner Elementary, Stone Hill Middle school and the Briar Woods high school. There also are a couple of schools around Preserve at Goose Creek and includes both public and private schools.

    Similarly, the communities are home to several higher learning institutions like Strayer, George Washington and the George Mason Universities.

    Infrastructure and social amenities

    Residents living within the community are afforded the best social amenities there are in the entire of Virginia State. Examples of these include a community center with various swimming pools, social rooms and exercise studios.

    In addition, high security is maintained within the community with a police post, emergency medical services and a fire department being located just a few miles from the Preserve at Goose Creek.

    Though there is no hospital within the community, there are quite a few within the city towns as well as larger hospitals in the neighboring state of Washington.

    All forms of shopping too are very convenient in that they are located just a short distance between the residential community and the nearby metropolitan cities.

    Attractions and things to do

    Since the Preserve at Goose Creek is located within a very natural habitat, most of the activities that the residents get to experience are mostly outdoors. Most men find pleasure in golfing while kids usually get involved in a variety of activities, events and games that usually take place at the park.

    Additional activities to get involved in include swimming and canoeing. Moreover, there are a couple of additional attractions nearby like the very famous Goose Creek and the trail system. Fitness centers are also there in plenty and the safe environment makes it easier for one to go on both early morning and evening walks and runs without fear.

    The place is also ideal for sampling different cuisines and delicacies at some of the top listed Ashburn’s top restaurants.

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