Potomac Station, Leesburg, VA

    Potomac Station in Leesburg, Virginia

    Potomac Station, Leesburg, VA

    People who love both history and nature can kill two birds with one stone by living in Leesburg, VA. Potomac station offers all of the above in a neighborhood that consists of both fine and lots of adventure. If you are outdoors person you’ll be right at home in Potomac Station. Not only are there walking trails and bike trails, many people enjoy hikes up the last mountain while taking in scenery all throughout the area.

    Atomic station is home to the famous Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, allowing you to take in the lush scenery around the area. In addition to scenery, you can spend plenty of good time shopping or taking in a nice show. Leesburg is known for its arts scene, so you can gain an appreciation for the arts and nature by living in Potomac Station.

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    About Leesburg, VA

    Since Leesburg is a southern Virginia city, you can also count on inexpensive property values. In fact, many people choose to retire in the area due to its peaceful environment and low cost of living. You can find excellent property in Leesburg and Potomac Station to be specific, without having to break the bank in the process. In other cities or neighborhoods, your dollar would not stretch as far.

    Leesburg is known for its history, as it has played a role in early United States civilization. Today, Potomac Station acts as a nice retreat into the woods, in the form of a very family oriented place.

    Potomac station is located off of Virginia Route 7 and is a nice neighborhood with a number of starter homes, townhouses and single family homes. A number of people join the community association, which gives them access to the clubhouse and a huge pool.


    Additionally, there are plenty of recreation opportunities for kids and adults alike, as the association provides basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds and more. It is not uncommon for this community come alive during the holiday season with haunted houses, Easter egg hunts and raffles.

    Value and Comfort All in One Area

    This neighborhood might be ideal for people looking to settle down and raise a family, because they can do it without going broke in the process.

    The cost of living is incredibly reasonable, and allows people to enjoy everything that Potomac Station has to offer. Potomac Station is also not far from Washington, D.C., so residents can make the trek over any time they see fit!

    Much of the business of our nation takes place not far from Leesburg, but people not wanting to deal with the hustle and bustle have found a nice retreat in the form of Potomac Station. Whether you are in search of vacation property or a long term investment, it wouldn’t hurt to look into this neighborhood.

    Whether you are a working professional or someone who wants to retire, this area has something for you. Speak to a realtor to learn what types of deals you can get on these homes and make sure to always do your research into the matter.

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