One Loudoun, Ashburn, VA

    One Loudoun in Ashburn, Virginia

    Loudoun County, long one of the most prosperous counties in the United States, is building a new downtown.

    One Loudoun located in Ashburn, VA combines all the elements people in area  need and want. There is excellent shopping, high-tech jobs, great restaurants, wonderful homes, superior schools and a number of places where people can relax, let their hair down and dance the night away. Loudoun County is rich in history, charm and sophistication and One Loudoun embodies all of this and more.

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    History of Loudoun County

    Many Civil War battles were fought there. It’s also the birthplace of the great and near great including James Monroe, the 5th President of the United States, George Marshall, author of the “Marshall Plan”, R&B and soul singer and songwriter Wilson Pickett and U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright.

    With the creation of One Loudoun locals and visitors alike now have a place that serves as a clearinghouse for all things Loudoun. One Loudoun is quickly becoming the new commercial and social center of Loudoun County.


    One Loudoun’s downtown area is sophisticated, convenient, and flush with connectivity. It also has many unique shops, restaurants and clubs. Looking for the perfect place to go on a date? Consider One Loudoun.

    It is the new urban hang-out for those who know how to enjoy themselves. The new Downtown is the ideal place to live, work or have fun. There is something for everyone. The college students from the surrounding colleges and universities have adopted One Loudoun as the center of their universe. Plus there are numerous of excellent destinations for older couples and families.

    Schools in the area are highly ranked and under the purview of the Loundon County School District System. Below is a map of schools that can be found near the One Loundon neighborhood:

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    The combination of live, work and play facilities will definitely make the new downtown a popular destination. Once Virginia’s most populous county, today Loudoun County is one of the wealthiest counties in America and also one of the fastest growing. The creation of One Loudoun provides yet another ‘must see’ area for visitors and a valuable resource for locals.

    The area already boasts Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, world headquarters for several high tech and internet companies, a multimillion dollar equine industry, an internationally loved wine industry and is a mere stones throw away from Washington Dulles International Airport.

    One Loudoun Real Estate

    Construction is on-going in One Loudoun. The city is evolving each day. One Loudoun offers easy access to Loudoun County’s historic sites and structures. There is also ample green-space. This adds to the area’s walkability and the diversity of experiences it offers.

    One Loudoun is at once bohemian and upscale. People from all walks of life can find exactly what they are looking for in this vibrant, new downtown area. Whether it’s education, recreation or employment opportunities One Loudoun has it all. The area is designed to promote Loudoun County’s past, present and future.

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