Brambleton Land Bay, Ashburn, VA

    Brambleton Land Bay in Ashburn, Virginia

    Confucius once said that “the strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home,” this is something that rings true for the residents in Brambleton Land Bay in Ashburn, Virginia. The residents here are friendly, and they keep their community vibrant. Some homes have an elegant brick look, and a traditional feel with hardwood floors. The air quality is pristine in this neighborhood, and there is rarely traffic as in the big city.

    The skies are mostly crystal clear, but of course spotted with bright white clouds and warm heat. Most residents are about 35 years of age, but every age group is still here. The median house goes for about 581,000, while the median household income is about 130,000.

    The crime rate is below the national average, which can let you rest easy at night. Most residents have a Bachelors degree or higher. This is the kind of community that focuses on education, safety and serenity.

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    A parent, expecting parent or future parent will always worry about what type of education is available for their child. One school nearby is the Legacy Elementary School, which scored an 8 on the Great Schools Organization scale. This school is loved by the community.

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    Parents rave about how involved the staff and teachers are with the education of their children. One parent wrote that when the Parent-Teacher-organization was in danger of being without a parent/president, they reached out to the community to make sure that the position was filled.

    Stone Hill Middle School is another school worth noting, they also received an 8 on the Great Schools scale, and parents could not be happier with their academic scores. A parent who was worried about the type of education her child would receive did extensive research. She visited schools and sat in classes and concluded that Stone Hill was the best school for her young.

    Briar Woods High School is a school that a lot of parents are proud of, and many students are in love with. It scored very high in the Great Schools scale; and their academic scores are great, not to mention their extracurricular options.

    Their sports teams do very well, and have received amazing wins that the students brag about. They also offer many clubs to suit every interest. Clubs such as the Art club, Book club, Bible club, History club, Drama club, Psychology club and Philosophy club among many others.

    What to Do?

    Brambleton Land Bay offers a few shopping centers nearby, and cinemas that you can take the whole family to. There are a few golf courses around as well, one is the Ashburn Village Sports Pavilion. There is the Haunted Trails, which is a 30 minute walk through a pitch black forest.

    There are a few farms and farmer’s markets available to the residents nearby. There is so much more to enjoy in, or near Brambleton Land Bay in Ashburn, Virginia. It is a place that you can call your own, and before long you’ll be a proud ‘Brambletonian.’

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