Ashburn Farm, Ashburn, VA

    Ashburn Farm in Ashburn, Virginia

     Ashburn Farm - Ashburn, VA

    Ashburn Farm is a housing sector in Ashburn, VA. Ashburn is a small town with a population of about forty-three thousand people, and is a part of Washington’s metropolitan area.

    It’s located thirty miles northwest of Washington D.C. and is made up of around three thousand homes. About eighteen hundred of those homes are single family homes leaving the rest of the housing to consist of townhouses, condominiums, and apartments.

    Ashburn Farm is governed by the community policing association which works closely with the board of trustees to keep the community as safe as possible (though community policing is not meant to be a substitute for or replacement for calling 9-1-1.) Ashburn Farm is a pleasant and friendly community that has a variety of amenities for residents to enjoy, making it the perfect place for anyone to call home.

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    The Ashburn Farm Community

    The Ashburn Farm community is constantly hosting events to keep residents close and in tune with one another. For example, the community holds community yard sales, and a pet adoption day. Also for holidays such as the Fourth of July and Easter, the community holds brunches and barbecues for the entire community.

    Ashburn Farm Amenities

    Ashburn offers a wide variety of amenities for residents to enjoy. For example, Ashburn Farm has twelve tennis courts for residents to practice and hold games to improve their skills. There is also a baseball field and sand volleyball court all of which operate on a first come, first served basis.

    There are nineteen tot lots, also known as playgrounds, for children, twenty-eight miles of biking and exercise trails, two soccer fields, eight basketball courts, and five ponds filled with fish (fish are only for catching and releasing).

    There are also three outdoor swimming pools equipped with pool houses. Residents need passes to access the pools, but passes are cheap, affordable, and easy to get.

    Ashburn Farm Facilities

    Ashburn Farm also has several facilities for residents to utilize and enjoy. For example, there is The Windmill Community Center which has four of Ashburn Farm’s tennis courts as well as ponds, pools, and a pavilion where residents can have parties and grill outdoors with a reservation. Public events are also held here.

    Ashburn Farm also has the Ashburn Library. It has plenty of meeting rooms for organizations that need to meet as well as students needing a quiet place to study. It also has public computers for residents to use and free Wi-Fi for those who bring their personal computers.

    For convenience, the library offers a mailing service where residents can receive books in the mail and return them the same way. They can also receive ebooks and interlibrary loans from other libraries.


    Students living at Ashburn Farm will attend Ashburn’s school district which offers a long list of elementary schools, four middle schools, and two high schools. There’s also Strayer University and George Washington University as higher education institutes in the area.

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