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    Exeter, Leesburg, VA

    Exeter in Leesburg, Virginia

    Exeter, Leesburg, VA

    Exeter is a community in Leesburg, VA, which consists of over 800 residential lots set on 200 acres of beautiful grounds. In addition, there are over 400 townhomes and over 300 single homes in the neighborhood. Leesburg is located in Loudoun County in Virginia.

    Exeter offers residents a number of amenities. Amenities include pool, bathhouse, clubhouse and tennis courts. All residents have full use of pool and tennis courts on a regular basis.

    Schools in Exeter

    There are a number of schools located within close proximity of Exeter. Ball Bluffs Elementary School is located on 821 Battlefield Parkway in Leesburg. Ball Bluffs School is located within 10 minutes of Exeter.

    Churches in Exeter

    There are also a number of local churches within two miles of Exeter. Saint John’s Catholic Church is located on 101 Oak Crest Manor in Leesburg. Saint John’s Church is within walking distance of Exeter.

    Parks in Exeter

    For those who enjoy a nice walk through the park there are a variety of parks within about one mile of the Exeter community. Ida Lee Park is located on 60 Ida Lee Drive in Leesburg. Ida Lee Park is perfect for a family outing or picnic.

    Branda Park is located on 878 Harrison Street in Leesburg. Branda Park has spacious grounds, picnic tables and swings for children. This park is perfect for families with children. In addition, small pets are permitted on the property. If you bring a pet to the park, you must have a leash.


    In addition to fine parks and schools, Leesburg has a variety of restaurants and shops. The Blue Ridge Grill is located on Edwards Ferry Road in Leesburg. The restaurant is open daily and serves excellent American food. The restaurant offers special discounts for children and seniors.

    The Wine Kitchen is located on 7 S. King Street in Leesburg. The Wine Kitchen is an upscale restaurant that serves both American and French cuisine. In addition to excellent food, the restaurant offers an exquisite wine list. The Wine Kitchen has received a five-start rating. Banquet rooms are available for special occasions.

    Shopping Malls & Eateries 

    The Village at Leesburg is located on 1602 Village Market Blvd in Leesburg. The Village at Leesburg can be reached in about 8 minutes by car from Exeter. Visitors to the Village at Leesburg can shop and dine.

    Finnegan’s Restaurant is located on the premises. In addition, Coldwater Creek is open seven days a week for shopping convenience.

    L.A. Fitness, Wegmans and Cobb Village Cinema are all located within the Village at Leesburg Shopping center. For those who like to work out L.A. Fitness has a great deal to offer including special rates for new clients.

    Wegmans is open daily for grocery shopping needs. In addition, Wegmans also has a family pharmacy located within the store. The Cobb Village Cinema has a variety of movies for children and adults.

    Exeter is a fine community that has a great deal to offer its residents. In addition, there are a number of fine shops, schools, restaurants and parks within close proximity to Exeter. Additional information may be obtained at
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