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    How To Sell a House With Smaller Floor Plans

    Smaller homes are selling faster than ever today, as prospective buyers look to downsize their extraneous utilities expenses. The only problem: buyers still want that expansive living room, even if they do not want to pay for the extra heating and cooling costs. Herein lies the challenge of selling a small home, but luckily, there are several things a homeowner can do to make a smaller house feel like home to a prospective buyer.

    1. Get Rid of Clutter

    The most basic part of selling your home is to clean it, and while you are making it spotless, look around to see what is unnecessary in a room. Smaller spaces tend to show clutter more than larger ones. So, to avoid presenting rooms as cramped, take some time to clear out those unnecessary items.

    Counter tops should be cleared, so find a home for the blender that always sits out. Storage space may be in short supply in a smaller home, but a homeowner can give the impression of ample closet space by removing some clothing or shoes and packing them away. Adding a mirror or glass coffee table can give the impression of more space, as well. If need be, renting a POD or storage locker for the time it takes to show the house could aid greatly in clearing out the clutter.

    It’s easy to forget during this process that many people are looking at your smaller house for the coziness that it offers, so the focus should be on getting rid of clutter, but also on creating an inviting place, too.

    2. Sell the Benefits

    Simply put, smaller homes cost less to heat and cool. New homeowners may be looking to cut down on their own bills, but you can also sell to them that a byproduct of a smaller house is a smaller carbon footprint and a greener house. Hype the energy efficient windows or appliances that the home may have. Perhaps mention that the yard takes less time to cut and water. The more economical you can portray a home as, the easier the sale.

    3. Let the Light In and Show Your Yard

    Properly lighting your home can make a small house feel much bigger. Make sure to clean windows inside and out, but perhaps pack those heavy drapes in favor of something lighter and more airy that will let in more natural light. Tall corner lamps that shine light vertically can make a room feel more spacious as well.

    In addition to lighting the inside, properly landscaping the yard can add a great deal of appeal to a prospective buyer. Even if the yard is small, placing taller plants closer to the home and smaller ones further out can give the illusion of more green space.

    Smaller homes are selling well, but they still take some work to sell. So clear out that clutter, clean out the house, and focus on the most inviting aspects of your home!

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