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    Featured Listing – 41031 Grenata Preserve Place, Leesburg, VA 20175


    When it comes to finding the perfect home, most of us have a set criteria as to what we will be willing to accept and what will simply not be considered as the right property. A house at the beach may be on your mind, where your friend or family member might prefer a house in the suburbs. There are several other ground rules for the place we want to call home and here are just a few of them.

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    The Perfect Spot

    You don’t necessarily have to have a big family to appreciate a house on a large property, but it can do wonders for you if you like having people over. A three- car garage that is attached to the home, makes it easy to move to and from your automobile as you go about your duties. It also helps if your dream home is located on a large enough property, where you can host events like family barbecues, Weddings or your daughters 16th birthday party.

    Room to Breathe

    When a family begins to expand, the first thing they think about is more room, but when a house already comes with seven bedrooms, you are way ahead of the game. There will be no waiting to use the bathrooms, six full baths available for those hot summer days, there is always the pool for you and your guests to lay out and grab a tan. With a large kitchen, six-burner stove and a comfortable dining room, family meals will always be fun.

    Entertaining the guests.

    There are some people who prefer to spend their time entertaining, whether it is dinner parties, or business meetings, a house that caters for such events would come with a full basement, with exterior entry so as not to disturb the rest of the household, where there would be a pool table, kitchen bar and all the toys you can think of. Or simply gather the family around, with some popcorn and watch the latest movie in your own private theater.


    Great Features and Amenities.

    Most of us like to take things easy, so the fact that technology keeps improving and making our lives simpler, it stands to reason that we would want these things in our home. Refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers may be standard to some homes, but if we can have an intercom system that helps us avoid shouting to the rest of our family that dinner is being served in the colonial style dining room, so much the better.

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